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DRC, orthographic projection.

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A Propos… (Français)

Dedicated to providing news and update feeds about everything, anything, KIPRA KONGO is, if it may be said, a state-of-the-art blog for the entire community of people (Congolese and sympathizers) eager to get intimate with not only the news but also the binding that always has preserved Congo’s integrity in the face of predators and that hopefully will help us, we the Congolese people, face and survive the future.

Collect and analyze news and information published locally and from around the world, and push summaries using this great platform rich in availability and flexibility so that easy would it be to find something to learn and comment about the Congo.

The blog may also be used as a platform to communicate ideas, opinions and other cool things capable of inspiring those being aware of the fact that being informed is a first step to know the process of taking initiatives for needed changes, etc.

Project a visible presence in the Internet so that:

  • Congolese voices and potentials get referenced by search engines for the benefit of info hunters.
  • Congolese get comfortable with facing challenges prompted by new survival requirements among other people who are taking full advantage of new and emerging technology tools and platforms to team up as one, display and defend values, help change mentality, revendicate rights, and show real progress.

© Kipela R | 2010 blog | New York USA.

Written by kipra

2010-08-26 à 14:28

2 Réponses

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  1. Thank your Blog. Would it be possible to add a link to the newspaper « La voix du paysan congolais » dedicated to agriculture in DRC.




    2010-11-17 at 09:08

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !



    2010-09-22 at 13:43

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