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2011.05.02 La Presse Anglophone sur la RDC de ce Lundi

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[News Francophones]

‘100 missing’ as DR Congo boat capsizes
About 100 people are missing after a boat capsized on the Kasai river in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reports say. The vessel sank in the central Kasai-Occidental province, officials said without giving any further details. [Lire la suite,]

Will trials bring peace to DR Congo’s Ituri region?
Sofina Anyasi is sitting in a camp for people forced from their homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri district, weaving ribbons out of long blades of grass. This elderly woman took refuge here last year, in a tarpaulin cabin between the army base and the United Nations peacekeepers’ camp. [Lire la suite,]

Delay in US Law to Combat Africa’s Conflict Minerals Sharpens Divisions
delay in a U.S. law to combat Congo’s so-called conflict minerals has sharpened divisions between advocates of the legislation and those who will need to comply, namely manufacturers and the high-tech industry. [Lire la suite,]

Child Soldiers Return to Congolese Wars
Since 2003, tens of thousands of children have been removed from warring militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Boys and girls return from the bush traumatized, isolated, uneducated and too old to go back to school.  United Nations statistics say thousands of armed children are still held by militias.   And, many of those that escape, are abducted again by their commanders, or rejoin by choice. [Lire la suite,]

Firms Seek Supply Route Around Conflict in Congo
While the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake is causing many companies to worry about the electronics supply chain, a different pall is hovering over a rare, blue-gray metal that is mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [Lire la suite,]

I don’t need to see it to believe it, but when Baloti, the head of the Association of Women Living Alone asked me to come to his club to see the work of sex workers, I hoped it would at least help me understand. COPERMA has been in a psychosocial training session for the past week, so I’ve spent my days wandering around Musienene reacquainting myself with the place. And reacquainting myself with myself. [Lire la suite,]

106 people missing after latest boat capsizing on river in Congo, witness says
An overcrowded boat capsized Monday in Congo, witnesses said, leaving at least 106 people missing in the latest transportation tragedy in this vast Central African country of jungles and huge rivers. [Lire la suite,]

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2011-05-02 à 15:53

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