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2011.04.13 La Presse Anglophone sur la RDC de ce Mercredi

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Pygmies of Central Africa Driven from Ancestral Jungles
‘First people’ of region face threats on various fronts, including commercial agriculture, logging and discrimination. [Lire la suite,–119688109.html]

The Mountains (Of Congo)
When I step off the plane in Eastern Congo, every pore in my body opens up to breathe and the fist choking my heart disappears with a single inhale. Hangie picks me up from the Beni airport in a small compact car with a handsome but pimply young driver. I almost cry when I see him, standing in perfectly pressed pants and a big grin. I swim in the clarity of the mountains. [Lire la suite,]

Troubles within the MLC
A meeting took place on Sunday at the residence of Francois Mwamba, the secretary-general of the MLC, in Kinshasa. A group of MPs from the MLC submitted a memorandum to Mwamba complaining obliquely about the lack of leadership in the party since Jean-Pierre Bemba’s departure. Jean-Pierre Bemba is still officially the leader of the party, even though he has been locked up in prison in The Hague for three years, and is in theory still the MLC candidate for the presidency. [Lire la suite,]

Election news: Calendar politics and the election law
The Congolese public has been waiting for weeks now for the election commission to publish their new calendar. The delays have fueled rumors about internal wrangling and quarrels. According to a high-ranking member of the opposition, the crux of the matter is whether elections can be held so that the president can be sworn in by December 6, 2011, five years exactly after Kabila took office in 2006. The current proposal made by election commissioner Daniel Mulunda Ngoy has the elections taking place on December 5, a date that has been rejected by the opposition as unconstitutional, as it would take weeks for the results to be counted. [Lire la suite,]

A Vaccine for the Very Young Takes Aim at Bacterial Diseases
With help from international donors, Congo introduced a new vaccine this month in an effort to save more of its babies from pneumococcal disease. [Lire la suite,]

DRC: Heavy rains could worsen cholera outbreak
Cholera in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, has claimed 51 lives since February and health workers fear heavy rains could increase that further. [Lire la suite,]

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2011-04-13 à 13:45

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