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2010.10.23 La presse anglophonne sur la RDC de ce weekend

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Congo plane crashes into gorilla park; 2 dead
A Congolese official says two people died when their small plane crashed into a gorilla park in eastern Congo. [Lire la suite,]

Congo Reaches Long-Awaited Deal With Freeport
Congo’s government has approved Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold’s mining-operation license after a review that lasted several years and resulted in the company making a number of concessions to the state. [Lire la suite,]

Latest sexual violence stats
A quick update of the sexual violence statistics. Here are the most recent stats from UNFPA for this year, across the whole Congo. Most of the sexual violence is in North and South Kivu, most of it affects girls between 10-17 and – surprisingly – only 1/3 of the perpetrators are reported to be soldiers (although for North Kivu the figure is 52% and for South Kivu 86%). [Lire la suite,]

Congo’s beauty hides horrors from world
Even when you wind up through the hills, driving past Congolese army camps and watching for any signs that the militias are on the move, you still get distracted by the sugar cane sellers and the drooping red bell flowers growing wild by the roadside. [Lire la suite,]

Escaped crocodile may have caused Congo plane crash
Claims reptile – which had been smuggled into cabin – sparked panic and caused jet to plummet dismissed as ‘extremely unlikely’. [Lire la suite,]

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2010-10-22 à 17:12

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