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2010.10.18 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce lundi

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Marchers Demand End to Mass Rapes in Congo
Thousands of women marched in the Democratic Republic of Congo Sunday to demand an end to mass rapes and sexual violence. Congo’s first lady Lembe Kabila led the march through the eastern town of Bukavu. [Lire la suite,]

UN Security Council Urged to Take Quick Action on DRC Rape Report
The U.N. Security Council is being urged to act quickly on a special envoy report on sexual violence in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. [Lire la suite,]

Arresting Callixte: Does it Matter?
Callixte, along with the rest of the political leadership, was appointed by the FDLR military leadership in order to gain greater legitimacy long after the group had developed its military structures in the field. While they influenced military operations, they were no Joseph Kony or Jonas Savimbi. Arresting them will hurt the group’s morale, but will not seriously damage the military chain of command. [Lire la suite,]

Congolese rape victims march against sexual violence
Many of Congo’s rape survivors took to the streets Sunday to speak out against sexual violence in a county where it has become a weapon of war. [Suivre le reportage,]

First lady leads thousands of women on march against mass rape
First lady Olive Lembe Kabila led thousands of women on a march Saturday through the restive east of the Democratic Republic of Congo to demand an end to mass rape. The UN said Friday that more than 15,000 people were raped in the region last year. [Lire la suite,]

Protest against sexual violence
Olive Lembe Kabila, wife of Joseph Kabila, president of the Congo, led protest against sexual violence in eastern city. [Lire la suite,]

‘15,000 rapes in war-torn DR Congo’
UN envoy says scale of sexual attacks in eastern Congo is « enormous » and blames lack of peacekeepers for poor security. [Lire la suite,]

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2010-10-17 à 22:22

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