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2010.10.12 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce mardi

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The Afghanistan of Africa
[Lire la suite,]

The FDLR weakens
We have all been so busy lamenting the atrocities committed by the FDLR that we have missed some of the good news. Yes, not only that the Vice President Callixte Mbarushimana was arrested in Paris yesterday on an ICC warrant. But also that the rebels suffered their largest military defection in over a year when the head of one of their battalions, Lt. Col. Elie Mutarambwira (aka Safari), defected with the help of MONUSCO. (Ok, it happened almost a month ago, but the press never really picked it up). [Lire la suite,]

A New(ish) FDLR Leadership
The FDLR met a few weeks ago in the forests of the eastern Congo to decide on a new leadership. No great surprises here: Gen. Gaston Iyamuremye (aka Gaston Rumuli), who had been serving as interim president since the arrest of Ignace Murwanashyaka in Germany in 2009, was confirmed at president. The vice-president is Callixte Mbarushimana, the controversial former Executive Secretary of the movement, based in Paris. This re-shuffle does not change the military leadership of the movement, which is led by Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura and his deputy Gen. Stanislas Nzeyimana (aka Bigaruka), based in North and South Kivu, respectively. [Lire la suite,]

Questions raised on Congo slaughter

The mass graves are hidden in the darkening shade of a hard-to-reach banana plantation, high up a mountain above the cloud line, at the end of a treacherous dirt track slippery with mud and animal dung. Those who survived say they did not go to the meeting called by Rwandan soldiers. [Lire la suite,]

Rwandan rebel leader arrested in Paris
A Rwandan rebel accused of orchestrating a humanitarian catastrophe against Congolese villagers in a blackmail scheme to leverage more political power for his group in Kigali was arrested in Paris on Monday, the International Criminal Court said. [Lire la suite,]

France Arrests Rwandan Over Atrocities in Congo
French police officers on Monday arrested a Rwandan believed to be a leader of a movement involved in a recent terrorist campaign in the Kivu region of Congo in which thousands of civilians have been killed and raped. [Lire la suite,]

ICC Arrests Congo Rapes Suspect
The International Criminal Court says French authorities have arrested a senior leader of a Rwandan rebel group accused of mass rapes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [Lire la suite,]

France Arrests Rwanda Rebel Leader
The court said Callixte Mbarushimana, a leader of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, known by its French acronym FDLR, was charged with 11 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including killings, rape, persecution based on gender and extensive destruction of property committed by the FDLR during most of 2009. No date has been set for… [Lire la suite,]

Wake-up Call
We are launching this inquiry message, seeking international attention and solidarity to support our efforts for the rehabilitation of social conditions in DR Congo. So please act now to put an end to the humanitarian tragedy in the Congo. [Lire la suite,]

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