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2010.10.10 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce dimanche

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Dikembe Mutombo Gives Back
Retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo talks about how he’s helping the less fortunate in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [Suivre la reportage,]

Mutombo making a difference
Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dikembe Mutombo came to the United States on an academic scholarship to study medicine at Georgetown University. But his career path soon changed after joining the school’s basketball team. Mutombo would go on to play in the NBA for 18 years and become one of the league’s all-time best defensive players. [Lire la suite,]

Court orders resumption of Congo war crimes trial
The International Criminal Court on Friday reversed a decision to release a Congolese militia leader and ordered the resumption of his war crimes trial. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo has been accused of conscripting children under the age of 15 into the Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of Congo and « using them to participate actively in hostilities in Ituri, a district of the eastern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. » [Lire la suite,]

ICC to Resume Congolese Warlord Trial
Judge Sang-Hyun Song read out the decision of the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court, or ICC. He said the decision to resume the trial meant Lubanga would not be immediately freed. [Lire la suite,–104578099.html]

World Court orders restart of Congo warlord’s trial
The International Criminal Court on Friday ordered the resumption of the war crimes trial of Congolese militia leader Thomas Lubanga, stalled since July, and reversed an order to free him. [Lire la suite,]

DR Congo: the long walk of rwandan refugees
A UN report on the Congo wars raises the voices of the dead and considerable controversy. We bring you the story of a Hutu Rwandan refugee who escaped the violence in Congo. And Africa’s Bernie Madoffs – Togo’s pursuit of its financial fraudsters. [Suivre le reportage,]

Questions raised on Congo slaughter
The mass graves are hidden in the darkening shade of a hard-to-reach banana plantation, high up a mountain above the cloud line, at the end of a treacherous dirt track slippery with mud and animal dung. Those who survived say they did not go to the meeting called by Rwandan soldiers. [Lire la suite,]

Grenade found in eastern Congo kills 5 children
Congolese police say a grenade has killed five children in a small village in volatile eastern Congo. Burinyi village police chief Mutula Mukulumanya says the children found the unexploded grenade Thursday on their way to fetch water from a well. He says it detonated as they were playing with it. [Lire la suite,]

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2010-10-10 à 11:41

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