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2010.09.29 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce mercredi

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Cut off U.S. money to Congo militias 
CNN’s Mary Snow explains why a provision on Congo « conflict minerals » is contained in the finance reform bill. [Suivre la suite
Fally Ipupa: the man refreshing Congolese music
[Suivre la suite
UN expert on rapes arrives in DR Congo 
A UN expert on sexual violence in war zones arrived in Kinshasa on the first leg of a week-long trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the scene of recent mass rape. Margot Wallstrom, UN special representative on the prevention of sexual violence in conflict, was to visit the east of the country, where armed groups are regularly accused of horrific violence against civilians, from Thursday to Monday. [Lire la suite]
Questions on Congo River Fishes
Melanie Stiassny, an ichthyologist at the American Museum of Natural History, surveyed and collected freshwater fish during an expedition to the Malebo region of the Congo and Kasai Rivers. [Lire la suite]
Notes From a Young American in Congo: A Soldier Speaks (Sort of)
Guest blogger Amy Ernst writes about a child soldier she met in Congo — I wanted so badly to hate this man. He’s extremely handsome, with soft eyes, thick, curling lashes, and a nervous glance. It doesn’t fit with the dirty green uniform and rickety gun hanging from his shoulder. [Lire la suite]
Activists Press for Better Help to End Congo Rapes
As  U.N. Special Representative for Sexual Violence In Conflict Margot Wallstrom embarks on a new trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, two activists recently concluded lobbying efforts in the United States for more effective action on trying to end conflict-related rapes in Congo. [Lire la suite]

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2010-09-29 à 15:13

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