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2010.09.18 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce weekend

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Report Alleging Massacres Shakes Rwanda’s Participation at U.N.
A United Nations draft report accusing Rwanda’s army of hunting down and killing tens of thousands of refugees in the Congo in the 1990s has threatened to jeopardize Rwanda’s support for U.N. peacekeeping operations. The report looms as a backdrop to President Paul Kagame’s visit to New York next week for the annual U.N. General Assembly, which opens Thursday. Mr. Kagame will oversee meetings of heads of state, including President Barack Obama, on U.N. efforts to reduce world poverty. [Lire la suite]

Becky Anderson talks with Rwandan President Paul Kagame about accusations of genocide by Rwandan troops in the Congo. [Suivre le reportage]

Notes From a Young American in Congo: Caffeine!
Stationed in North Kivu since last Spring, Amy works with rape victims and other victims of war through COPERMA, a small non-profit, while living with the Crosiers, an order of monks and priests. [Lire la suite]

Melinda Gates: gods with chequebooks
She can change lives with her vast fortune. But as one half of the world’s richest private foundation, just doling out the cash is not enough – empathy counts too. So what’s it like being … [Lire la suite]

Violence spirals out of control in east Congo
WALIKALE, Congo — First the rebel soldiers told residents of the villages in the mineral-rich eastern Congo not to worry. They were just there for a rest and would do no harm. But as dusk fell, the fighters encircled five villages simultaneously, and the gang rapes began. [Lire la suite]

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