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2010.09.01 La presse anglo-saxonne sur la RDC de ce mercredi

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RDC: Le militant des droits de l’Homme Sylveste Bwira affirme avoir été torturé par des militaires. Il n’y a pas que les militants des droits de l’homme qui subissent en ce moment la répression en RDC. Et on est toujours sans nouvelles de Balisi Kapumba, animateur de l’ONG Action solidaire pour la paix et le développement qui a été enlevé vendredi par des hommes en uniforme à son domicile à Goma. [Lire la suite]
U.N. E-Mail Shows Early Warning of Congo Rapes
An e-mail and bulletin warned about rape in a remote Congolese area much earlier than officials originally said, according to an internal United Nations e-mail and a humanitarian bulletin. [Lire la suite]

Blog Notes from a Young American in Congo: Rape Continues
[Lire la suite]
Perpetrators of DRC Gang Rapes Must Be Brought to Justice
UN says rebels raped over 150 women, many of them in front of their husbands and children, in town in eastern Congo. « Zero tolerance » policy toward rapists must be backed by consequences for the perpetrators. Those who carry out sexual attacks on women must be brought to justice. [Lire la suite]
Gunmen fire on plane carrying aid workers in Congo
By MICHELLE FAUL | The Associated Press | Wednesday, September 1, 2010; 3:00 PM
Gunmen in eastern Congo fired Wednesday on a private plane carrying international aid workers who escaped into the forest and were later rescued, aid workers from the International Medical Corps told The Associated Press. [Lire la suite]

Congo leaders: We begged UN to protect civilians
By MICHELLE FAUL | The Associated Press | Wednesday, September 1, 2010; 2:07 PM
Congolese community leaders say they begged local U.N. officials and army commanders to protect villagers days before rebels gang-raped scores of people, from a month-old baby boy to a 110-year-old great-great-grandmother. [Lire la suite]
U.N. focuses on missing activist, gang rapes in Congo
U.N. officials said they will toughen efforts to thwart the kind of mass rape reported recently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and they urged the country to ramp up a search for a missing human rights activist believed to be kidnapped. [Lire la suite]
Stanley doesn’t merit a statue
By Daniel Waweru
If the north Welsh town of Denbigh’s choice of Henry Morton Stanley for a commemorative statue is ironic, given the trouble he took to hide his origins, it’s hard to find a word for Tim Butcher’s praise in the Telegraph for Stanley’s bloody-mindedness, his loyalty to Africans, his loathing of the slave trade and his pioneering journeys. The inconsistencies come early and oft… for his part in the disaster that was Leopold’s rule in Congo, because it happened after he left. [Lire la suite]

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